Placement test

at inlingua Ulm

inlingua Placement Test: online

3 steps to get the right training course at the inlingua center of your choice

  1. You click on the Placement Test for your target language.
  2. At the end of the test you enter your name and address and the inlingua center of your choice. Then, after evaluating the test, the inlingua center will be able to contact you and give you the result.
    We assure you that neither your address nor any other personal data will be passed on to a third party.
  3. Please read the instructions for the inlingua test and take them seriously!
  • In the first part of the test you will find four possible solutions for each sentence. Only one answer is correct.
  • Please stop when you get the feeling you can only guess. Otherwise the result could be distorted by fluke answers.
  • Please allow a maximum of 40 minutes to do the test.
  • Please don't use a dictionary or any other form of assistance.

Important: The test is free of charge and without obligation for you. It does not commit you to any training course.